Work Accidents

For over 32 years we have helped our clients obtain benefits and compensation pursuant to the Labor Code of California.

¡We will fight for you to get all of these benefits and any others that are owed to you!

If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to:

  • Medical benefits, treatment, therapy., medication and assistance
  • Medical benefits, treatment, therapy., medication and assistance
  • Temporary Disability payments while you are out of work receiving medical treatmentMileage to. and from medical facilities to receive evaluation,treatment and rehabilitation
  • All prescription medications paid forPermanent
  • Disability payments and/or compensation at the endof your caseFuture medical care or its equivalent in cash
Frank is an excellent lawyer. He himself has given me countless hours of his time to help me through my difficult situation. Your staff is always friendly and helpful to me. I highly recommend Mr. Sariol to anyone who needs legal representation regarding a workers' compensation case
Mr. Sariol took my case when it seemed useless. He struck a friendly settlement with the defense attorney when they initially did not want to reach a settlement. I would recommend this attorney to anyone. He has a professional attitude and is easy to talk to. Above all he does the job!
I am Roger, Frank Sariol and their staff helped me. They always kept me informed, they looked after my interests. I always had time for myself. They did a great job solving my case. They work for you and do their best to take care of you. Thanks to your office and legal team!

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