" The Coronavirus outbreak has impacted us in many ways and next to the poor souls that we have lost in our country, one of the worst victims of this deadly virus has been the global economy. Even though much is being done by the government to lessen the economic impact in our county, millions of people will be negatively impacted to the point that they will need assistance from our Bankruptcy laws to relieve the economic pressures caused by this pandemic.."

At Sariol Legal we helped thousands of clients during the economic
crash of 2007/2008 by filing Chapters 7, 11 or 13 which helped them
become debt free and rebuild their credit score and worthiness.

We can help you get through THIS new threat to our economy and
our finances. Filing bankruptcy is not as negative as most people think. It will provide you with immediate relief, peace of mind and a
way to financial recovery.  We can show you how.
Call us for a free consultation to see if you qualify for filing
bankruptcy and for which chapter.
Finally, a bankruptcy firm for the modern age. Stop the calls and remove the stress.
Finally, a bankruptcy firm for the modern age. Stop the calls and remove the stress. Sign up for a free consultation.  You will always speak to an attorney prior to becoming one of our clients. One of the reasons that we have a free consultation is because we want to make sure that we are a good fit and that we can fulfill our promises to you and your family.
At the height of the property market in March 2006, I bought my first home. In March 2008, a sequence of events took place that made it clear to me that I could no longer pay my mortgage. My husband and I went to Frank Sariol for legal advice. After looking at all of our options, I decided to file for bankruptcy. . Frank helped us through the entire bankruptcy process. We are still in our house years later, and my credit is as good as it was before this disaster began. I am already qualifying for loans through new creditors and now we are more financially stable than ever. My husband and I continue to have conversations about how happy we are to have followed Frank's advice. Not only does he take the time to explain everything in great detail, but he also cares about your unique circumstances and advises you on the best possible route. For the amount of time he spent with us, it was worth the money, which I will say was very reasonable and fair. However, I am much more knowledgeable today about how the system works, and I can say with conviction that deciding to hire Frank was by far one of the best decisions I have made to date. Thanks Frank! We appreciate all that you have done for our family! You're the best!
Frank R. Sariol represented my wife and I, for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. Mr. Sariol kept us informed on all key issues related to our case at all times and provided us with his knowledge of the law of California bankruptcy. Our BK was successful even after a creditor challenged our case. With patience and understanding, Mr. Sariol handled the court action with mastery, and the judge after hearing Mr. Sariol's final arguments gave a decision in favor of our case. Mr. Sariol has also provided consulting for business and real estate issues that have come up, helping me to be a better RE agent for California. I highly recommend Frank Sariol to my friends and business partners.
We have used Frank Sariol for the past year and a half to give us expert advice on filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, after discussing all the options with him. Frank is an experienced  attorney in this field, and I always felt that I was in expert hands. He was always available to us and answered our questions and concerns immediately. When we consulted with him in person, I never felt rushed or that my problems were not important to him. Frank is a wonderful and caring person who works with you to find the best solution. For the above reasons, I can recommend Frank Sariol to anyone looking for an exceptional attorney. I feel like he's a bit above the others because you never feel like he's looking for financial gain as his motivation.

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